What we do

Many people are surprised when they discover the City Mission size and many areas of work. No one is just what you see. That is also true for us as an organization. Here are some examples of what we do.

  • Through our cafes, meeting places, activity centres and other low threshold offers, people living on the streets get the opportunity to get a meal, rest and good fellowship. We serve good, nutritious food and greatly emphasise fellowship around meals.
  • We offer a job to go to, often as an alternative to substance abuse, prostitution and crime.
  • People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can get specialized and professional treatment and rehabilitation at our institutions
  • Young people and their families get counceling through tough life changes and situations
  • Male and female sex workers have meettingplaces where they are presented with alternatives to prostitution.
  • Homeless people get the opportunity to get a place to live and training that enables them to thrive in their homes.
  • People in acute crises have access to a 24 hour helpline on the phone or via online chat,, 365 days a year.
  • People from minority ethnic background have, through the Church City Mission, opportunities to build new networks and new lives without povety where their resources can be fully utilized.
  • Through our many day centres and nursing homes, elderly people get to escape the isolation and loneliness and enjoy cultural experiences as well as good care. We’re always looking for developments and innovative sollutions in our work with the elderly.
  •      The Church City Mission also operates several high quality health services. For instance, Health Centre for paper lessimmigrants and people who are HIV positive.