Ring the bell

Aksept is at Hammersborg Torg 3, level 2, 0179 Oslo, Norway.

Ring the bell and we will open the door.

See map in separate window.

Phone us

Tel. +47 94 02 06 01
From 9.00–20.00 (from 9.00–15.00 Thursday and Friday)
Or send us an SMS.

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Our staff

Operations manager Øyvind Jørgensen, tel. 91 78 59 40, oyvind.jorgensen@bymisjon.no
Senior specialist, head of department Hege Stareng, hege.stareng@bymisjon.no
Administration manager Kristian Øie Jensen, kristian.oie.jensen@bymisjon.no
Social services consultant Gertrude Bukanga, gertrude.bukanga@bymisjon.no
Nurse Maryan Said, maryan.said@bymisjon.no
Social services consultant Mari Fjelde Hauger, mari.fjelde.hauger@bymisjon.no
Social services consultant Girmay Assemahegn, girmay.assemahegn@bymisjon.no
Social services consultant Gudny Willemse, gudny.willemse@bymisjon.no
Project manager Sabba Ifzal, sabba.ifzal@bymisjon.no
Cook Colin Voicu, calin.voicu@bymisjon.no
Cleaner/kitchen assistant Angeset Gezehey, angeset.gezehey@bymisjon.no