Training and courses for a variety of groups in the healthcare and social services sector

Our training provides basic knowledge about HIV and what it is like to live with HIV. The courses/training can be provided where you are based, or on Aksept’s premises in Oslo. We can also visit and give talks or lectures at specialist seminars.

Work placements

Aksept has work placement schemes for healthcare and social workers. People on work placement will get a thorough grounding in our working methods and be able to bring important knowledge to the healthcare and social services sector about HIV and living with HIV. The work placement scheme is equivalent to individual clinical supervision, and leads to the equivalent of four hours of supervision for the Norwegian Nurses Organisation’s approval as clinical specialist in nursing.

Internships for students

We offer internships for students doing health and social care courses.

Contact us

Contact one of our healthcare and social services consultants if you have any questions about HIV, what services we provide for people living with HIV, or if you would like to join us on an internship, work placement scheme, or do one of our courses or training sessions.

Telephone +47 94 02 06 01 or email