About us

Nadheim is a centre for anyone who sells or has sold sexual services. We are located at Norbygata 45 in Grønland, Oslo.

We are a centre with 13 employees who have different professional backgrounds, which includes social work, nursing and physiotherapy.  Our employees speak Norwegian, English, Thai, Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish.

We conduct outreach on the internet, the streets and at massage parlours. We offer individual follow-up, practical assistance, different courses and social activities.

At Nadheim we want to see a society where more realistic options are made available for those who want to have an alternative to selling sexual services. We also want a community that meets people who sell sexual services with respect and equality.

Nadheim is run, and predominantly financed by, Church City Mission, whose vision is that all people in the city shall experience respect, justice and care.

Nadheim is formed of 3 departments; Nadheim in Norbygata, Lauras hus (Laura’s House), which is a 24 hour-staffed residential home and Natthjemmet (Nighthome), which is an acute over-night shelter.