We provide condoms and lubricant, rapid HIV and syphilis tests, information and workshops on sexual health and sexually transmitted infections.

We can also provide information about other clinics where you can be tested for other sexually transmitted infections.

Read more about rapid HIV tests here

Advice, support and information

You can come and speak with us about themes such as selling sex, safety, physical and psychological health, stress, violence, economy, drugs and migration. You can also contact us if you need information regarding rights, responsibilities and the law.

Individual follow up

We can support you when contacting other institutions, such as NAV (Norwegian work and social welfare department) and healthcare services. If needed, we can accompany you when attending meetings with these or other public institutions. In addition, if you need assistance to report violence or harassment we can support you with this. You can also speak with us about working and living in Norway.

Open house

Lunch is served every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.00. Dinner is served on Fridays at 6pm. We organise summer parties, Easter lunches and Christmas parties each year. During the summer we arrange different social activities and trips.

In addition our house is open each weekday and you are welcome to come in for a coffee and a chat. We also have computers and a washing machine available if you need them.

Courses and workshops

We organize regular Norwegian and computer courses, as well as sexual health workshops. Our Norwegian courses are held once a week and in addition we offer weekly sessions to help with language homework.