Mission and Obligations


  • To detect violations, injustice and distress. Injustice is often hidden from those who hold power and authority in society. Those who experience it, also tend to hide it. It is therefore vital that truth be told about what injustice, violation, and distress can do to an individual’s life and dignity.
  • To offer comfort and compassion. Those who lead the toughest lives ought to get the best of what we have to offer.
  • To influence and eradicate the causes of suffering, injustice and violation and work towards a more just societal distribution. In this work, it is important that both individuals and groups are given courage, authority and opportunity to bring about positive changes for themselves.


  • To work for, with and among the people of the city. Especially those who are vulnerable or social outcasts.
  • To detect and fight against violations of individuals and groups.
  • To take preventive measures that will protect people from suffering and crises.
  • To work towards the relief of injustice and removing its causes.
  • To promote justice and work towards a more even distribution of societal goods.
  • To give courage to live, and courage to believe and contribute towards hope and joy.
  • To live and being kept alive under dignified circumstances.
  • To help people at the end of their lives meet death in a dignified and worthy manner.
  • To be a church in the city that offers diaconal services outside the traditional church building.

Human outlook and values

We aim to meet people with love and respect. In all our work involving people, our human values are decisive in shaping our actions. The City Mission’s views are expressed through the values that characterize our work. Our values give us a social outlook that always commits us to speak up on behalf of the most vulnerable members of society.