The Church City Mission

The Church City Mission is an inclusive, nonprofit organization, which works in towns and cities across Norway, among people who face challenges in life for various reasons. Our vision is that people in the city shall experience respect, justice and care.


full and part time employees




Norwegian towns and cities in which we are present. And we are still growing

Room for everybody

  • No one is just what you see. We want to meet everyone with this attitude and it is our wish that users and guests shall strengthen their own resources, dreams and hope. Our slogan is therefore, Room for everybody.
  • Through initiatives for people of all ages and social backgrounds, we wish to realize our goal, which is that everybody experiences respect, justice and care.
  • We cooperate with public authorities, other organizations, thousands of volunteers, contacts within the corporate sector, education and research and with a large number of donors.
  • Apart from our staff and volunteers, approximately 2000 business employees are engaged with our work through corporate cooperation.
  • The Church City Mission started its work in Kristiania in 1855 and has experienced explosive growth in recent years. We are officially organized as twelve independent foundations across Norway and are present in over 40 places.
  • Our work is based on Christian and humanistic values, but is not organized as a religious community. Our anchoring is in the church and the diaconal tradition is strong in our work, but each employee, volunteer, user and guest come from various backgrounds with different beliefs and faiths. You don’t have to be a Christian to work or volunteer for us. We are committed to dialog based work independent of beliefs.